How to Create a French Provincial Style Kitchen

You will find that it is relatively simple to turn any kitchen into a French Provincial style kitchen.  It is just a matter of choosing the right fixtures and fittings for your kitchen and investing in the right style of furniture.  This style of kitchen suits a period home and is perfect for a country home.  You don’t, however, need to have a period home and if the French Provincial style is what you want in your traditional home, then by all means, decorate accordingly.  You can buy appliances, such as Westinghouse fridges, that don’t look out of place in this style of kitchen.  You can have a cabinet maker match a panel to go on the front of your dishwasher so that it matches in with the kitchen cupboards.  If you are working on a budget you can do your kitchen up yourself, although any new light fittings will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

French Kitchen


Your flooring should also reflect the French provincial style theme to tie your whole overall look of your kitchen together.  Floorboards give a kitchen a warm, welcoming glow.  The colours of the timber can vary from a lighter honey colour to a more rich red timber.  Darker colour timbers should be kept to larger rooms.  Another great flooring for a French provincial style kitchen is tiles, with white giving your kitchen a fresh, clean look.

Furniture and fittings

Your furniture, cabinets and fittings, like your kitchen sink and taps, are what will give your kitchen that French provincial flavour.  White or cream, is the obvious choice, with warm timber accents.  A timber bench top also looks good.  Being able to put things on display, such as plates and other pieces of crockery, will also create the right look.  Overhead racks to store plates and cupboards with glass doors are also perfect.


You can even keep the French provincial style theme running through your doorways.  As well as the door itself also consider the entrance through from other rooms into the kitchen area.  Archways work well, which can be decorated with ornate plaster cornices.  The doors themselves can range from panelled doors, those with decorative old fashioned door knobs and doors with glass panels.


Don’t neglect your windows either when you are on your quest to turn your kitchen into a French provincial inspired design.  You can dress your windows with beautiful blinds in gorgeous fabrics.  Soft colours like pale blue or a shade of cream works well.  Install windows that you can open right up to let the garden in, such as separate folding window panels that you can open right up.  Sash windows that slide up are also a more old fashioned type of window that will suit your French provincial kitchen.  A casement window would also be effective, a type of window that swings out.  Having separate panels of glass, or a French window, is also ideal.  Another great window for your kitchen is a bay window, which will also give you another area to display decorative items.


Choose appliances that match in with the colour theme of your kitchen.  There are also modern appliances that have a more old fashioned twist to them so they don’t stand out and look odd in amongst your French provincial theme.

Creating a French provincial style kitchen is not difficult.  Keeping it uncluttered is the best tip and considering all aspects of the room.

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