How to be green when heating your home

Winter is just around the corner now, so it’s best to start planning for the colder months now. If your home’s not properly insulated, you’ll find it is less energy efficient when the temperature drops and that’s bound to impact on your bills each month.

Renewable Energy

First thing’s first then, it’s time to check out the insulation in your home. You should be able to install some extra insulation in either your loft or cavity walls and this should help to keep your home warm. There are some simple ways that you can make sure home is warm this winter and if you’re updating your bedroom and looking at beds for sale at the moment, you’ll be very grateful if you’re nice and toasty.

In order to save money and help the environment, it’s best to use the timer on your boiler. This will make sure your heating is only on when you need it and not all the time. You need to fully understand how your heating system works, so if you’re moving to a new house, ask the previous occupants or ask the installer if you have a new system put into your home.

Another thing you could try is just turning the thermostat down around one degree C – this could save somewhere in the region of ten per cent off your heating bills, which is bound to be very welcome in the run-up to Christmas. You’d be surprised how big a difference having an energy-efficient boiler could make to your bills as well. If you find a new one which is more efficient than the one you used to have, you’re bound to see a significant saving on your heating bills this winter. Anyone who’s redecorating and is looking for new beds for sale, I suggest you also start looking for a new energy-efficient boiler.

So if you’re trying to save money on your heating, at the same time as being green, there are plenty of things you’ll be able to do to meet that goal.

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