How the Sun has Powered Humans Over the Millennia

The sun has been around for a million of years. Many millennia have passed and still it is shining its light throughout the entire solar system. Earth, which is the only planet known to have harboured life, is highly benefitting from the constant power the sun has been giving off. Humans, along with other living creatures, rely heavily on the sun’s abilities to keep them alive.


Here is a list of all the benefits Earth is getting from the sun.

1. The Science of Precipitation

The sun might actually be a weather wizard. The sun after all is the number one element in a sunny day; but aside from that, it can also cause water to evaporate from various bodies of water found all over the world. This water later then turns into moisture which rises in the atmosphere and gets affected by the current air temperature. Ultimately, they become water or snow that falls back down on to the Earth.

This planet would become an empty desert due to the droughts that would have been caused without the science of precipitation as well as the power of the sun.

2. Light

The species of man (and woman) will not exist without sunlight. Actually, they might not exist at all if not for the power the sun’s light brings into this world.

Sunlight is literally life-giving for without it there will be nothing to use to plant crops, nothing to shield humans against animal predators which usually hunt during night time, and nothing people can use to find shelter or even pursue the things that they enjoy the most.

3. Warmth

One of the reasons why Earth is the only habitable planet in the solar system is because others just have the wrong temperature for humans to exist in. Venus and Mercury are so hot that water will immediately turn into steam (if they are even found in those places). Mars and the rest of the planets, on the other hand, are placed so far off that they are too cold for people to be surviving at.

The combination of the Earth’s atmosphere and the direct light coming from the sun is perfect to allow life to thrive in this planet.

4. Photosynthesis

The process called as photosynthesis allows plants and its organs to convert the sun’s rays into food energy. Basically, sunlight is the main provider of the entire food source for all the life force that you can find on Earth.

Without the sun, there will be no plants to feed the animals which would mean that people would go hungry because of there will be no food source left for them to eat.

Much technological advancement – which utilizes the power of the sun – have already come and gone. Today, several countries including the Philippines use solar energy to harness its power and turn it into electricity, which is great and all but we should never forget the other more basic things solar power has brought into this world.


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