How Can I Become A More Energy Efficient Homeowner?

In this contemporary era, increasing levels of consciousness regarding the importance of environmental conservation has led more homeowners to question whether they are being energy efficient in their private living space. In many cases, residential property owners are engaging in numerous behaviors that waste energy and result in unusually high energy rates. However, accessing strategies that will help you learn how to become a more energy efficient homeowner can help you save money and contribute to the cultivation of a healthier planet. Since this is the case, consider whether any of the helpful systems and strategies outlined below can be of assistance to you:

Home Energy

1. Consider the value of having smart power strips installed for your office equipment. The strips are helpful in that they sense the absence or presence of individuals as they come and go. In response, the strips will shut the attached equipment off or on. When used regularly, the strips can decrease your consumption of electricity.

2. Switch out your standard PC for a lap top. This is a great investment given that the lap top will utilize up to 90% less energy than the PC.

3. Select a small computer monitor. This step is important because the bigger monitors use more energy. In fact, the bigger the monitor, the more energy used.

4. Conduct an energy audit in your office or home space. This is a great investment given that it can determine how your energy is being used and through which appliances.

5. When it’s time to buy new appliances, refer to the Energy Guide label. This label will help you compare and contrast the performance capacities of equipment to ensure that you select the appliances that will make the most efficient use of energy.

6. Invest in regular HVAC services. When your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment grow old due to natural wear and tear, they can use up more energy and send your monthly electricity bill through the ceiling. Prevent it from happening by having an HVAC specialist periodically perform maintenance work on your appliances. This will help extend the life and functionality of the equipment.

7. Compare energy rates by visiting Direct Energy at This way, you can attain a reasonable price on your monthly energy services.


There’s no point in throwing money away each month because of wasteful practices that result in you using up too much energy unnecessarily. Get out of the habit of wasting money and energy by implementing the tips and techniques you see here. The end result will be a more environment-friendly home and a substantive decrease in your monthly energy bill!

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