Household Energy Saving Tips

Not everyone, however environmentally-conscious they are, is able to switch to alternative sources of energy within their home.

Many people would love to run their home on solar power, but in these tough economic times just don?t have the money to make the conversion. If you are in the market for new homes, Ryan Homes builds 100 percent qualified Energy Star new construction for you to save money and be more energy efficient. You can find their homes for sale at

Solar Energy Home
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There are some simple ways in which you can make a commitment to saving energy around the home, though, and they don’t cost a cent.

There are plenty of kitchen hints that save energy, even just as simple as making sure you cover pans on your gas or electric cooker to prevent heat loss.

To many people, a pressure cooker is something they bought 25 years ago and used to use regularly, but now just seems old fashioned. Maybe they’re not the latest gadgets, but you’d be amazed how much energy they save.

Another cooking tip that mom would approve of, that is still as energy saving as ever, is to go for one-pot meals. Soups or stews only take one burner to cook and are much more nourishing than most convenience food.

Also, don’t think that you have to stick religiously to the cooking times specified in recipe books. If it says cook for an hour, you can turn off the oven or burner a few minutes early and allow the heat in the pan or pot to continue cooking your food.

It’s not just in the kitchen that a bit of thought results in energy saving.

Most of us take water for granted, and enjoy a good long shower in the morning. But essentially, to get clean all you need is around three minutes in the shower every day. You can achieve other water savings by using specially designed shower heads that provide less pressure but still enough to get the job done.

Rather than using a water heater with a reservoir and pump, you could opt for a tank-less water heater, which only heats up water when you need it and thereby reduces cost and energy.

Once you’re out of the shower and drying your hair, are you using the highest setting on your hairdryer? No need – you can either let your hair air dry or turn your dryer to the cooler setting which can save up to 50 per cent of energy.

A lot of people run their laptops and netbooks with them permanently plugged in to the socket. You’d be amazed at how much money and energy you save by running them on battery and only plugging them in when the low power warning comes on, to recharge the battery.

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