Honda CR-Z Mugen

When you think about low emission cars you don’t usually think about super-charged performance at the same time.

Honda CR-Z

But all that may be about to change thanks to the company that can fairly claim to be one of the true pioneers of eco-friendly motoring; namely, Honda.

That’s because the car manufacturer has recently revealed initial tantalizing details of its first truly supercharged hybrid car; the Honda CR-Z Mugen.

The Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe is already one of the world’s best hybrid cars, and the only one, currently, with a manual gearbox rather than a CVT.

It also has to be one of the simply best-looking sports cars on the planet. Its design and production followed on from fellow Honda concept hybrid cars; namely, the Honda Remix, and the Honda Small Hybrid Sports.

The CR-Z was first unveiled as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. “CR-Z” stands for ‘Compact Renaissance Zero’- and it was designed to be sporty, efficient and inexpensive.

Honda CRZ

It’s a car with a history of stylish looks. When you add to this its green credentials, it’s a logical step to produce the perfect car for those of us who yearn for high performance, but still have a bit of an environmental conscience left!

The CRZ is capable of handling more power. And the company says that development of the supercharged version is going well.

Mugen Euro is a Northamptonshire-based super tuning company that has joined forces with Honda to produce the supercharged prototype. Honda hopes the prototype vehicle will be both fun – and will demonstrate the true potential of hybrid vehicles. It certainly looks like it will.

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