Holiday at Home

So you think you are pretty green, right? You recycle, you watch your energy consumption at home and you buy eco-friendly products. All good stuff – but what about when you go on holiday, and I’m not talking about the brand of sun cream you purchase. Have you ever thought about the impact on world resources that air travel has – and if you buy a plane ticket you are only adding to it.

Holiday at home
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Why not plan a holiday that doesn’t require you to fly next time. There are other reasons to choose a destination closer to home too: exploring your own country is very rewarding and you are bound to discover places you didn’t even know existed. It can often be cheaper overall too, so if you are conscious of your budget this is another element to factor in. Another benefit is that you can pack what you like rather than being restricted by airline baggage weights, so you can set off on your travels confident that you have everything you need. For expert advice and assistance on what to pack use Source Outdoor to buy travel accessories and equipment, and make sure you are prepared for any eventuality.

Another idea for a holiday at home is to look up old friends. Do that tour of old University mates which you always promised yourself, or be really brave, close your eyes and just stick a pin in the map! Involve the children too if you have a family – maybe bring history to life if they have been studying somewhere such as Hadrian’s Wall or Stonehenge at school. Re-trace family history and visit the towns your Grandparents came from or maybe just head for a village with a silly name. The options are endless so get the map out and see what catches your eye today!

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