Green living at home

Living green isn’t just about what kind of car you drive, or whether you even own a car. It’s also about the way you live and the way you run your home. You can make lots of small adjustments at home to make sure you are not causing unnecessary damage to the planet.

green living - Green living at home

Power down

Every time you leave a room, make sure you power down any electrical equipment like the TV or audio system. Putting things on standby isn’t good enough as these items will still draw an electrical current on standby. If you have some plug sockets that are hidden behind your sofas and awkward to reach, get an extension lead so it’s easier to switch everything off.


Make sure your loft insulation is effective and that you’re not heating up the house to let the heat escape to the outside. Not only is this bad for CO2 emissions, it’s also a very costly way of heating your home. Similarly, make sure you lag the hot water tank as this will conserve the hot water for longer, again reducing CO2 emissions.

Wash eco-friendly

Turn your washing machine temperature down to cold and rely on the efficacy of modern detergents to get the dirt out – that’s what they’ve been designed to do. Restrict the use of the tumble dryer to emergency only (a wet and cold week in winter) as this will use lots of electricity and add to the CO2 emissions your home creates.

Shop green

When you’re looking to buy new furniture you need to ask the right questions about where the materials were sourced and the company’s supply chain. Big retail companies like Harveys furniture store should be used to fielding this kind of enquiry and be able to give you all the information you need.

Simple changes in your routine around your home will benefit both the planet and your wallet. Take action immediately!

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