Green Home: 3 Roofing Materials That Also Benefit The Environment

With the current trend of going green with cars, technology and home appliances, it was only a matter of time before the idea catches up with commercial and residential roofing. While there are important attributes to look for in a roof such as its durability and affordability, environmental friendliness is quickly climbing the priority list due to its benefits. In a bid to reduce energy bills homeowners have taken the mantle to install eco-friendly roofing that reduces heating and cooling costs. In addition, other green roofing materials attract federal and state credit and deliver beyond monetary boundaries. There are several eco-friendly options available for home owners depending on the home design, cost, material and personal preference. As we probably know roofing is not the instance where one size fits all. Here are a couple of alternatives:

Solar Panel Roof - Green Home: 3 Roofing Materials That Also Benefit The Environment

Solar Panel Roof

Arguably the epitome of green roofing, solar panels delivers in all departments. The roofing reduces one’s reliance on electricity and also manages to look good at the same time. The solar panels collect heat and solar energy from the sun and transform it into electric energy that can power the home. Today many homes in the Americas can afford to go off the grid completely due to this technology. It is a wonderful alternative following recent technological advancements that have made the panels less bulky and less expensive to install. What’s more, the modular design of the solar panels makes it even more appealing as the homeowner can install shingles only as much as he has budgeted for.

Living Roof

Having been around for many centuries, living roofs are still growing strong, and homeowners continue to benefit from the fruits of their labor amongst other green benefits. This roofing style can either be a garden or lawn. Both ways, the roof is good for the environment because of its self-sustaining nature, greenhouse gas reduction capability and the fact that it requires little or no maintenance at all.

To conclude, roofing is an assignment that involves heavy materials, and it’s therefore recommended to hire pros who have the skills and knowledge in dealing with such. From a homeowners’ position, you can check out the many eco-friendly materials available, compare their attributes such as fire ratings, warranty and cost before you settle on one.

White Roof

Any roofing material that has a light color or white regardless of the material is known as a cool roof. The cool roof derives its name from the cooling effect it leaves on the house. By reflecting much of the sun’s heat away from the roof surface, the roof manages to maintain cool temperatures inside the home and save the homeowner the energy of powering air conditioners. According to the rating council, cool roofs do a great job of reducing the energy bill by as much as 15%. Cooling roofing materials are often built with solar reflectance and thermos emittance in mind which makes them perfect for any weather condition. Should you want to install a new roof and replace an existing one, do consult a professional, like those at Select Exteriors, to get the best value for your buck as well that one that suits your home design.


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