Green and Clean: How to Make Your Construction Business Eco-Friendly

If you are operating a construction company, then there are good reasons to use eco-friendly practices that will protect the earth from additional damage. Here are several ways that your construction business can help to protect the environment.

Construction Business - Green and Clean: How to Make Your Construction Business Eco-Friendly

Recycle as Many Materials as Possible

When you want to protect the environment, make sure to recycle as many materials as possible. If you are tearing down an old building or completing a renovation project, then it is possible to remove the old doors, hardwood floor and windowpanes to reuse the items in other building projects. There are builders who are looking for vintage recyclable materials to use in homes and businesses.

Use Locally Sourced Building Materials

To reduce the use of gasoline along with protecting the air, you should use locally sourced building materials that don’t require as much transportation time. Look for nearby companies that offer drywall, ceramic tile and hardwood planks rather than ordering materials that require transporting across the country.

Don’t Waste Water at Your Construction Site

Avoid wasting water at your construction site by making sure that sewer lines and water pipes are in the best condition. Turn off the water at the main valve on a property to avoid having any leaks that waste the water. Make sure to use paints and chemicals responsibly on a construction site to avoid contaminating the environment. Follow local health and safety codes to store solvents, chemicals and paints correctly to avoid spilling the items on the soil or in the water.

Have High-Quality Portable Toilets and Sinks

You should have high-quality portable toilets and sinks at your construction sites so that your employees have an environmentally responsible location for bathroom functions. It is important to hire a company that delivers and picks up the portable sinks and toilets at regular intervals.

Use Proper Disposal Methods at a Construction Site

It is essential to use proper disposal methods at a construction site, including having dumpsters that are available for sorting different types of materials. Some materials are considered hazardous, and you must have these items wrapped or containerized correctly to avoid adding pollution to the environment. You should use the proper type of cleanup processes to ensure that debris doesn’t remain on a construction site. By having one employee in charge of the cleaning process, you can make sure that materials and chemicals are removed from the construction site at the end of each workday.

Have a Written Plan for Eco-Friendly Construction

To maintain an environmentally friendly construction site, have a written plan that covers all aspects of the processes. With a written plan in place, each employee will know how to prevent pollution. It can also help to work with a construction company like Alliance Demolition Services Inc. or someone similar to ensure that the process happens correctly.

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