Getting Back to the Basics of Conservation

We all understand the importance of conserving energy for our future generations, but not everyone is helping. Many people think that any effort towards a more energy efficient future will require expensive home improvements or a completely different lifestyle. In reality, it doesn’t take all that much to make a big impact.

Recycling Bottles - Getting Back to the Basics of Conservation

Start Recycling

Recycling doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. For example, does your family drink a lot of soda or bottled water? It is quite easy to set out a bin marked for cans and another for plastic bottles. Many communities will pick these items up each week on your trash pick-up day as long as they are properly bagged. In several parts of the country you can find incentives for recycling. By turning cans in at a scrap yard you can get money back, and some states have a refundable deposit on plastic bottles.

Use the Sun’s Power

Solar power is an excellent way to provide energy. Although large solar panels placed on your home would be ideal, not everyone can make that big of an investment at the moment. What you can do is replace many of your outside lighting features with solar powered versions. This includes porch light, decorative lights, and security lights. If you really want to contribute, consider the alternative fuel vehicles San Jose CA businesses like Green Fleet Group offer. They are powered by the sun.

Avoid Wastefulness

There is something to be said for all the dads out there that have harped on their kids about turning off lights and not wasting water. Following this excellent advice can lower your utility bills while helping conserve our resources. Turn lights off in unoccupied rooms, and keep lighting to a minimum in the areas you do use. Do not let the water run continuously while doing things like brushing your teeth, cleaning up the kitchen, or bathing.

Green Cars - Getting Back to the Basics of Conservation

Just think of how much we could be helping save our planet for future generations if we each did just a few of these simple things. Alone we wouldn’t be changing the world, but all together these little baby steps could amount to a huge impact on conserving our natural resources for many years to come.

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