Geophysical Equipment From Advanced Geosciences

Advanced Geosciences, a high tech manufacturer of geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems, is based in Austin, Texas, with a second location in Madrid, Spain. The two locations offer a service area in the United States and Europe and other regions of the world. Experts in earth imaging, Advanced Geosciences offers a gratifying array of up-to-the-minute features in their earth imaging systems.

SuperSting R1 IP

Advanced Geosciences, says, “Our systems work when others don’t.”

Professional assistance is offered with:

. problems arising with “resistivity modeling and inversion theory.”
. assisting companies with large-scale resistivity imaging projects.

Geophysical equipment from Advanced Geosciences, Inc. shows innovative product trends that give that edge for growing businesses to their fullest potential. Impossible procedures seem easy when creativity leads the way.

A brief partial list of products includes:

1. SuperSting R8IP
2. SuperSting Marine
3. SuperSting remote monitoring systems
4. Resistivity Imaging Inversion software
5. Earth images in 2D and 3D.
6. MiniSting Memory Earth

A full listing and brochures are available on their website.

GeoSciences has an extensive list of premier customers in government, academic, and the private sector. Clients are located throughout the world. Their products make doable projects that heretofore seemed impossible. Imaging through clay is an example. Not only that, it appears to be quite simply done.

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