Gate Openers Operator

There are many different kinds of gate openers that are available for your residential or commercial driveway. It is critical to get the right type so that your driveway gate can be automated in the most efficient and effective way possible. In this article we will discussing different kinds of gate openers Jacksonville FL has to offer.

Gate Opening - Gate Openers Operator

Top Swing Arm Operator

This is the most common type of gate opener that is currently available. The highest quality brands can last as long as 20 years. They come with an oil soaked, large gear box and heavy metal frame. They are fairly easy to install. This type of gate opener does have the arm attached on the gate close to middle height, so it is highly visible and therefore not the most attractive gate opener. These gate operators come in various configurations, DC or AC motors and there are even solar options available.

Bottom Swing Arm Operator

The arm on this type of gate opener is located on the bottom to give the gate an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the outside. Not many companies make this kind of unit. The electronics and mechanics are easy to access. They have a good clutch that is easy to adjust. A bottom swing arm gate opener also opens faster than other kinds of operators.

Ram Arm or Linear Arm Operator

This type of gate opener is very popular and easy to install. They directly attach to the post and are unnoticeable and small. The electronics are located within a separate control panel. There are both hydraulic and mechanical versions available.

In-Ground, Underground or Below Grade Operators

These types of gate openers are used when aesthetics are important and on high end installations. Underground openers are typically used with bi-parting gates. They are available in both hydraulic and mechanical versions. Underground hydraulic gate openers are suited for heavier gates.

Slide Gate Operator

These openers are used most commonly with a commercial gate automation system. They are also a good option for gate automation on a residential driveway when there are limitations to the site. Generally speaking, slide gate installation requires more money and knowledge to get the job done right.

A slide gate operator is a good options when a gate is located on a step grade and the gate will not be opening outwards. Slide operators are available in both solar powered and AC battery models.

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