Furniture Ideas For Green Living

More and more people are making green choices when it comes to their homes. But it’s not just obvious measures like saving water and electricity and recycling, we can make green choices when it comes to furniture too.

Dining room
Photo: Jeremy Levine Design

When buying  furniture, consider the materials that it was constructed from. Take your ornate hardwood dining room furniture for instance – it may look lovely and expensive but has it come from trees that are being deforested impacting negatively on the environment?  Many stores will label items that are eco-friendly or you can ask if the wood used is from a sustainable source – these trees have been grown specifically with furniture in mind and will be replanted. Instead of throwing your furniture out when you don’t want it any more, try to resell or recycle it.

Furthermore, instead of buying new furniture, which can add to deforestation, consider recycling old items.  Even better construct your own using recycled and used materials. Stamp your own personality on your coffee tables or desk by repainting it with an eco-friendly paint. There are many options available. Not only can you buy paint from all DIY stores  these days  that is non-toxic, vegetable based and fume-less,  but this year B&Q have launched their own brand of recycled paint, made from unused emulsion found in old paint cans found on landfill sites. To take this even further, consider the fabrics in your home. On your rugs, carpets, on sofa and chairs, cushions and pillows. Are they organic and natural?

By following these tips not only can you make sure your home is beautiful but also, that it is green with the environment’s best interests at heart.

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