Fly me to the moon, correction, the sun!

Although it is now perfectly possible to sign up for an inter-galactic experience, including now the chance of a one-way trip to Mars most of us mere earthlings are still a lot more interested in seeing what our very own planet has to offer. However, more often than not, although we don’t have our sights set on anything as far away as the next galaxy, we leave it awfully late to start planning a break and end up scrabbling around for a last minute offer.

Fly me to the moon

Whatever destination we had in mind gets sacrificed for whatever is left available at the right price on the right dates and we end up compromising on choice and even on cost. Anyone who has found themselves in a mediocre 3 star hotel in Corfu in late August will commiserate with this point. We make the most of it, but we still dwell on the “what might have been.” If only we had booked that lovely looking Tuscan villa we read about back in February. If only we had made this the year to finally visit the family in Tasmania…However, it is always better too late than never.

Uncertain times

Some of this is due to the volatile nature of the current climate, where insecurity and instability are rife in every sphere, making it seem foolhardy to put a deposit down on a holiday in a few months time when no one in the company knows whose job is safe. Never taking a genuine, well-earned and well-deserved vacation may seem like a wise precaution, but it may end up doing you and your family long term harm.

We all deserve a break

It is never a sensible idea to run yourself into the ground with worry and stress, as the long-term effects of being continually upset will end up impacting on your health, wellbeing, relationships and even your family history. You can’t look back on shared memories of the year you never went away! The whole world is still out there to explore and every trip has the potential to turn into an adventure, an unparalleled experience and an eye-opening cultural treasure trove.

Have you heard the old saying about the gravestone? No one ever has chiselled on there “He worked a 70 hour week”. A couple of weeks relaxing and rejuvenating is essential to combat the pressures of life in the twenty-first century. Your child will always remember the night you walked hand in hand along the beach at sunset, much more than the endless nights you got home too late to tuck them in. It might be July and the school holidays almost upon us, but it is definitely not too late to shop around for cheap holidays and find a deal. With everybody in the same boat and a lot of prevarication about committing to the expense of a holiday, this is actually a stupendous year to find awesome bargains. It doesn’t have to be the Moon, or even Mars, but somewhere on Planet Earth there is a holiday destination with your name on it.

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