Five reasons to install solar panels

It’s becoming all too common to see an array of solar panels on someone’s rooftop throughout the country. Silently producing energy from natural daylight, solar installations have grown in popularity for a number of reasons.

Solar panels

There are two types of solar power panel; solar photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermodynamics. PV panels use the sun’s rays to produce electricity, whilst solar thermal panels create energy for space and water heating.

Solar electricity is the more popular of the two by a long shot. Solar panels in London has been very popular and they have also been present in other UK’s major cities including Manchester and Birmingham all see extremely high online searches for solar.

So what are the five top reasons to be harnessing this renewable energy source?

  • To reduce your electricity bills

Your energy bills are rising more and more every year and this worrying trend isn’t expected to reverse any time soon. In fact, since 2004 the average home fuel bill (gas and electricity) has doubled. Solar panels offer the chance to escape these price hikes and allow you to generate your own free electricity throughout the year, not just in summer. With solar panels you can slash bills by over £100 a year and this saving will increase for every per cent the national suppliers raise their own prices.

  • To guarantee a 20-year income

The Government have a keen interest in renewables of all kinds in a bid to keep up with tough EU targets. As such there have been a number of schemes to incentivise the purchase of renewables, but none so much as the feed-in tariff linked to solar panels. The feed-in tariff pays out for every unit of renewable electricity produced, over a 20-year period. Whether you use the electricity or not, you’ll still receive the same rate and this will guarantee you a great return on investment.

  • To sell excess electricity

Yet another financial incentive linked with solar panels is the possibility of excess energy being sold to the National Grid. Solar panels work most efficiently during the day and as most systems can’t store the power on site, it won’t be used in the home. But don’t worry because any electricity produced and not used, will be sold to the grid so nothing is wasted.

  • To slash carbon emissions

As a renewable technology, solar panels are an environmentally friendly product. They produce no carbon emissions in the production of electricity, unlike the National Grid gas and electricity you’ll use in your home. In fact, over 25 years you’ll be able to cut CO2 emissions by a massive 40 tonnes.

  • To add value to your home

It’s not just for your own benefits that solar panels offer an advantage. With the energy price hikes affecting the whole of the UK many people are looking for ways to reduce bills. This has made solar panels the most popular non-essential for property buyers in the UK. So whilst you will have all of the above benefits, so will any prospective buyer in the future, adding value to your home at the same time.

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