Easing the dependency of petrol – Alternative Fuel cars

These days alternative fuel is in news and one of them is ethanol which is produced in United States through corn. This fuel generates less omission as well as green house gas as compared to the fuel which is being used now. The Alternative fuel cars are getting tested for easing the dependency on petrol. This vehicle may be the one which generates less pollution and which can focus on the sustainable sources of energy.

electric car
Photo: ubyssey.ca

The additional bonus for opting alternative fuel cars or the electric car in United States is about Federal tax incentives which government offers to the citizens which buy these vehicles which qualify as per their standards. This Alternative fuel is completely worth of the price and the efforts to produce.

Biodiesel is other famous source of alternative fuel. It is generated from the vegetable oil and animal fat. It even generates less pollution as compared to conventional diesel fuel which is completely based on the petrol.

Natural gas even creates less pollution in air and small amount of the greenhouse gases. However, there are not several alternative fuel cars which run on the natural gas but with bounds and leaps in science; this is just matter of time as this can be feasible alternative of petroleum.

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