Do Your Part: Six Easy Things You Can do to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

We all leave our mark on this earth with the little things we do every day, but these little things can really add up. Every person hurts our atmosphere with the toxins we release, and these toxins are slowly using up all of our natural resources. If you want to reduce your own carbon footprint, here are six ways you can adjust your life and make a difference, one footstep at a time.

do your part

Adjust Your Driving

This is a multiple step process of adjustment. First of all, you can start out by doing your best to drive as little as possible, and maybe choose to ride the bus or bike to your destination on occasion. If you do drive, make sure you check your tire pressure first, as a flat tire can increase the amount of gas you use. If you keep your speed below 60 mph, even though it may be tempting to go faster to get to your destination faster, it can save you a lot of gas. Finally, if possible, use your windows to cool your car instead of your fan when traveling at low speeds to save gas.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs are one of our most used tools. Since you use them so much, they should be a target in decreasing your footprint. Replace your light bulbs with fluorescent CLF bulbs. These use only a fraction of the power that normal light bulbs consume. You may also consider purchasing LED lights as they are exceptionally bright but will also use less energy than regular light bulbs.

Sell Your Used Electronics

One of our biggest forms of waste is through technology. A lot of resources go into the creation of items such as iPods, and they usually end up in the dump. Instead of throwing your used electronics away, you can sell your iPhone to Appleshark and get some money as a reward for helping the environment!

Grocery Shopping

For starters, it’s much more environmentally friendly to grocery shop instead of eating out all the time. By buying products close to home, you will help reduce travel emissions, so shop smart. When you go shopping, do your best to bring a reusable bag, that way you won’t be wasting the plastic and paper from the grocery store bags.


Bottled water has become popular, but this product is not environmentally friendly. Bottled water takes resources to bottle, and the bottles end up in landfills anyways. Instead, drink tap water. If you want to have water on the go, opt for a reusable bottle. This way, you can fill it up when you are on the go.


You should plug all your appliances into power strips. This way, if you leave, you can just shut off the power strip until you get back to save on power. Just be sure you leave items like your fridge off of the power strip, as that’s not an appliance you want turned off very often.

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