Diesel Fuel Flow Meter – Delivers the Actual Fuel

Do not go for the first diesel fuel flow meter you come across since some are better than others. Your choice should be based on the intended use (which will guide the specifications you go for). Other important factors to consider when making your choice are the warranty, calibration, if it has a built-in filter, and if it is suitable for biodiesel. Cost should be the last thing you consider. You expect to pay for a quality flow meter.

A diesel fuel flow meter, as the term suggests, is used to give data on the actual fuel consumed and to do so in real time. This information is important because it can be used in a driving consumption study. With this information, you will be able to come up with a more energy efficient driving style and to make conclusions with regard to the effect of different loads on energy efficiency. Diesel flow meters help you very the LCC guarantees that are given by manufacturers.

Diesel flow meters work by calibrating the flow of fuel as the fuel is traveling through the ducts from the fuel tank towards the engine. Diesel flow meters are advantageous over fuel gauges in that data from a fuel gauge will not help you determine such things as the validity of an LCC guarantee and fuel consumption. There are different flow meter types by different manufacturers and choosing between them is not always easy, but there are several tips that will help you make an informed choice.

The flow meter you go for should be focusing more on the quantity of fuel that flows and less on the flow of diesel at time X. Go for a flow meter that has an extra tool to process the measured data so that you can get aggregated consumption profiles at 15-minute intervals if you require such data.

Consider the use when choosing between diesel flow meters – what works for a tractor will not work for a diesel-generator. Different flow meters are also made for different fuels and you should, therefore, ensure that the flow meter you are buying can be used to measure the flow of diesel.

Ensure that the flow meter is of the highest quality to ensure you do not have to make regular replacements. When considering the quality of the meter, the most important consideration should be its calibration. If you get calibration wrong, all the readings you get will be erroneous. Also important to consider are the quality of the materials used and the quality of the workmanship.

The flow meter technology employed and the sensor type (coriolis, cone, or electromagnetic) should be ideal for your application. Other important performance specifications to consider are the fluid temperature and pressure, bursting pressure, resolution, pulser card type, readout system, flow range, and repeatability. As an example, repeatability should be around +/- 0.5%.

Consider the ease of installation and maintenance. Consider if the diesel flow meter comes with a full set of mounting accessories and installation instructions. Go through the documentation to determine the expected installation life. You want a flow meter with a life of more than 25 years (and a warranty to match the guarantee).

If you use biodiesel or you plan to use it in the future, ensure that the flow meter is suitable for biodiesel. Note that today’s flow meters even include built-in fuel filters and you should consider going for one with this feature. Go for a fuel flow meter from a well-established brand because you well-established manufacturers are less likely to compromise on quality. Cost considerations should be secondary if you want the best flow meter.

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