Checking Earthquake By Geophysical Equipment

You can use the geophysical equipment from Advanced Geosciences, Inc. to study the way that earthquakes occur, looking at the various fault lines and the movement of the tectonic plates. However, can this information help you learn more about other disasters, such as tidal waves? You will find that these two events are often connected, so studying one leads directly to the study of the other.


If an earthquake happens under water, it may not even be felt on land. Sometimes it will, if it is close enough to the coast, where most cities are located, but one that occurs in the middle of the ocean could go undetected by people who are not looking for it. Scientists may get strange readings on their instruments and start looking around for a cause, of course, but your average person will have no idea what happened and therefore be very surprised when a tidal wave seems to come out of nowhere.

The truth of the matter is that the earthquake could have caused the tidal wave. The shock wave that was not felt on land still had to distribute its energy somewhere, and it put it directly into the water. The wave might start out small, but it will have all of that energy behind it. As it travels, it will get larger and more powerful, gathering mass with every mile. By the time that it hits the shore, it could be a very large and destructive tidal wave, all stemming from tectonic movement.

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