The Importance of Having a Deck Professionally Sealed

Sep 02, 15 The Importance of Having a Deck Professionally Sealed

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Simply cleaning a deck isn’t enough to keep it looking great. You also have to seal it to protect it from the outside elements.

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Top 10 Green Products for Your Home

Feb 03, 14 Top 10 Green Products for Your Home

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Your home is one of the best investments that you can ever make. If you own an older home, you can make it greener by undertaking home renovation projects …

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How to Save Energy in Pool Maintenance

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People all love to have pools in their yards, as it affords them the convenience of taking dips especially when the weather gets too hot. It can eliminate the cost of traveling to resorts or beaches, and it can be used for pool parties.

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Creating a French Style Living Room

The French country style has its roots in the Provencal region of France – the south-eastern edge of the country that is most famous for its lush, rolling countryside and its picturesque views. Home decorating that reflects these feelings of peace and relaxation often involves using pieces that add charm, warmth and delicate beauty to the room without being pretentious. You can enjoy a retreat to Provence no matter where you live, simply by decorating your living room in the French country style with the following essential tips. Furnishings Old-fashioned European furniture is often designed with thin, curved frames that are brought together with upholstered cushions and seating. Your sofas and armchairs should follow this style in order to really convey the French country atmosphere, and should include rustic fabrics and colour combinations such as red and gold, red and white, or blue and white. Other furniture pieces such as tables, shelves and armoires can be painted in neutral colours, and reworked to create the timeworn ‘shabby chic’ look that is traditional yet stylish. Fabrics The fabrics that you use to decorate your French-style living room are extremely important to the overall look. Wrought-iron drapery rods are a very useful accent that can pull together the ideal French country living room, especially when paired with soft, neutral-coloured curtains or draperies. When decorating to match white furniture, linen is an excellent fabric choice, especially in soft patina colours. You can also get the French look by decorating with pillows that are made from linen, ticking or lace. Decorations Try your best not to clutter your living room with a large collection of accessories from Old-World Europe, as French style is often quite sleek and bright with an air of simplicity. Good choices for this style are earthenware planter pots, painted ceramic vases, carved wooden bowls, candlesticks, and any accessories that are made from ironstone. Wall sconces are also a great idea for adding a timeless appeal, and brass accessories stay true to the theme as...

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Green living at home

Apr 02, 12 Green living at home

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Living green isn’t just about what kind of car you drive, or whether you even own a car. It’s also about the way you live and the way you run your home. You can make lots of small adjustments at home to make sure you are not causing unnecessary damage to the planet.

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How to Create a French Provincial Style Kitchen

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You will find that it is relatively simple to turn any kitchen into a French Provincial style kitchen. It is just a matter of choosing the right fixtures and fittings for your kitchen and investing in the right style of furniture.

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