Car maintenance top tips

Whether you are frequently driving up and down the country for work or love to take a drive out on a weekend, it is important that you always make sure that your car is in top working order. Whether it is Summer or Winter, hot or cold, dry or raining, it is important to always check these 10 points before you set off driving.

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1. Check Oil Levels

Especially for long trips, making sure you have enough engine oil is important to keep your vehicle efficient and safe. Oil should be changed at least annually as old oil can solidify and damage your engine. Make sure you take your car to a professional to get the correct oil for your car.

2. Check your Battery

In warm weather your battery can easily overheat due to the batteries fluid evaporating in the heat. Ways to prolong battery life are to check the battery is charging at the correct rate and keep the terminals clean to prevent corrosion.

3. Check Screen Wash Levels

Something that is overlooked by many car owners is making sure screen wash is topped up. Many cars do not have warning signs for when screen wash is low so it can be difficult to gauge whether it low without looking under the bonnet.

4. Make sure wipers are Efficient

If you’re wipers smear when you use them then you are probably due some new ones.

5. Check Tread Depth

As a legal requirement, your tyres have to have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread around at least 75% of the tyre. If your tyres are very close to this level of tread or below then you should get some new tyres. Having the right tread will improve safety and improve efficiency of the car. Better tread will improve stopping distances and a good set of tyres can increase fuel efficiency.

7. Check Tyre Pressure

As the weather is constantly changing, it is important to have tyres at the right pressure depending on the weather conditions. It’s useful to check your handbook for the correct PSI for your vehicle, which will give you guidance for tyre pressures for a half-load and full-load.

8. Make sure you have a Spare Tyre and Jack

Road conditions can be unstable in some areas, and punctures are more likely than you think. Make sure you have a spare tyre and jack, know how to access it and how to actually work it.

9. Make sure all lights are working

Exterior lights are so important to be seen and for other road users to know what you are doing next. Lights are something that are harder to check when you’re the one driving, so make sure that you get someone to check that they are working, especially if you do a lot of night time driving.

10. Make sure you have all the relevant paperwork

If you get pulled over by the Police it is important that you have your driving license, MOT certificate and proof of insurance on you. Although this can all be accessed via their systems having your own proof is really important and speeds up the process.

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