Can You Do without Liquefied Petroleum Gas?

We all depend on liquefied petroleum gas (otherwise known as LPG) in one way or another. Mostly, we depend on it to heat our homes and to cook our meals. At the end of the day, this is the most common use for liquefied petroleum gas. Obviously, industry depends on it greatly to be able to make their factories run. This is not only for purposes of heating, but also for the various manufacturing processes that rely on this convenient and plentiful source of energy. In our modern world, we have become used to LPG for most of our basic necessities. But there is a lot more that this wondrous source of energy can do for us.

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These days, with the constant reminder that petrol and even diesel will one day no longer be available, we are extremely interested in alternative forms of power, especially for our beloved cars. Many manufacturers have begun to experiment with alternative sources of energy. As a result, during the last decade, we have seen in the market cars that are powered by hybrid engines. They rely not only on petrol or diesel, but also on an electric battery to extend the range of the car, as well as to provide us with far superior gas mileage. In the last few years, we’ve even seen the introduction of all-electric cars, which rely just on a huge battery to propel them. While they do not have the range of a regular car, or even hybrid, they point to the possibilities that may be in store for us in the future.

Getting the Best, Cleanest LPG for Your Use

Since most of us use liquefied petroleum gas in one setting or another, it is always important to know that we are getting not only the cleanest possible LPG, but also that the prices are the most competitive available. During these challenging economic times, costs and reliability are of paramount importance. Thus, any household, or any company, wants to ensure that their LPG suppliers can provide them with the best service and the most competitive cost. In the current market, there is no reason to settle for second best.

What about Cars?

These days in the UK, no manufacturer really bothers to consider making liquefied petroleum gas a source of fuel for their cars, even though there is a fair interest from the public. Interestingly enough, the idea of using LPG in cars goes back to before the invention of what is now considered the internal combustion engine. It was up to a couple of Italians, working in the mid-19th century, to first propose the idea that it could be a reliable source of energy for what was to become the internal combustion engine. Unfortunately, the two guiding lights of this innovative project died within a few years of beginning their investigations and work. A few boats were built that used liquefied petroleum gas, but once these two entrepreneurs were gone, the entire project stalled.

Today, there are some countries that use LPG to fuel their regular internal combustion engine. In those countries where LPG is relatively inexpensive, it is a viable alternative to regular petrol. We can therefore thank these early pioneers who showed us the way to one more method of making cars less polluting. Contact your local LPG suppliers to take advantage of all the benefits.

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