Are Damaged Cars Worth Money?

There aren’t many sell damaged car services actively looking for damaged cars. Most scrap yards want perfect second-hand cars. These are more valuable and provide more profit for the yard. If you have a damaged car, you can still make some money out of it. Here are some of the ways you can offload a damaged car and get some sort of return on your investment.

damaged car

Sell It
One option is to try selling it. There are plenty of buyers who will overlook a dent in the side panel in exchange for a discount. As long as the car can still drive from one location to another without any problems there’s no reason why you can’t attempt to sell it. Beware this might take a while, though.

If the car doesn’t drive properly and has issues making it to its destination, look elsewhere. You won’t sell it unless you’re lucky enough to come across someone who enjoys fixing up old wrecks.

Scrap Cars
A car is described as ‘scrap’ when it can’t physically drive itself. Aesthetic damage is irrelevant and can be repaired quite easily, or not at all. When a car fails to move properly it’s no good to anyone.

Scrap cars are worth money due to the materials inside. For a start, a scrap yard can strip out the spare parts and sell them on to its contacts in garages. After this, they can crush the car and sell it.

Cars are primarily made from steel. These recycled cars are broken down into new pieces of steel which can be used again, even in new cars. This makes the yard quite a bit of money and keeps it going.

You won’t get as much for a pristine car as you would for a damaged car. This is because it reduces its profitability. An engine is a great source of metal. If your engine is missing this is a large lump of metal gone. They’ll adjust their prices to account for this.

The same thing applies to spare parts. Yards initially quote people based on a car which is in good working condition. Rusted springs and engines which can’t be sold are no good and they can’t sell them. Again, since they’re going to get less profit from the car they have to give you less money for the car.

Shop Around
It’s always worth shopping around. The steel market dictates the quotes you’ll get for the scrap steel. What isn’t as concrete is the spare parts market. Garages differ in terms of what they’ll pay for spare parts. Get quotes from multiple yards and go with the one which pays the most.

It’s also worth waiting until the steel market picks up. The price of steel goes up, so they make more profit. In return, you’ll get a better quote. It takes a while to learn how to time the market correctly, though.

Use these tips and you’ll get the most for your car. Using sell damaged car services doesn’t have to be a hassle!

Sam Freeman recommends if you have a damaged car that you try to sell it to a sell damaged car service.

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