Always Treat Electricity with Respect

Anyone who has ever touched a live electric wire can attest to the fact that it is not a very pleasant experience, to say the least. Unfortunately, some people are exposed to such high voltages that they actually die. Although this is infrequent, it can happen and people need to always remain vigilant as to what they touch or step on. Sometimes, such an accident can occur around the house. Somebody may be trying to repair an electrical outlet or even a device that is still plugged in to the wall, without turning off the electrical supply first. The results can be dire and everyone should know that the first rule in performing any type of electrical home repair is to turn off the power supply, so as to avoid the possibility of any injury.

Sometimes, after an especially nasty storm, electrical wires that supply neighbourhoods with electricity can fall to the ground. If one is walking outside after such a storm, they need to be extremely careful where they set foot. Many of these wires carry a very high voltage and just a quick and unintended contact with them can cause severe injuries or worse. While most of us go through life without ever having any such unpleasant experience, it is still an ever present danger which needs to be carefully monitored and kept in consideration.

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 Danger of death
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Do Not Play with Electricity
Most parents tell their children about the dangers of electricity and yet, as adults, sometimes forget their own advice. Exposure to just about any type of electric current can have negative consequences. Amongst the most common accidents are:

–  Electric shock: touching a live wire can cause electricity to flow through the body. Even as little as 50 Volts (and we use 220 Volts in most households) can cause a series of undesirable results:

  • A person’s heart can stop beating, either for just a moment or for a longer period of time, in which case they need immediate medical intervention.
  • Keep the person from breathing properly, in which case CPR may have to be administered.
  • Muscle spasms are also quite possible, although not as severe.

–  Burns are another potential consequence of having electricity passing the body. Along its way, they can actually cause tissue to burn, not only on the outside where it is visible, but also on the inside. If it is severe enough, it may require surgery.

–  Thermal burns also exist, which are caused by touching devices that have become overheated due to faulty electric wiring. These are not as extreme as the ones above, but should also be treated with consideration and respect.

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