Alternative usage of the used Shipping Containers

Do you remember when few years back, things used to be thrown away after their lifespan has ended? In recent time it became sort of a fashion to find new and interesting way to prevent money loss through reusing of otherwise casted away items. Same thing is applied to shipping containers. You know, those huge, metal, clumsy boxes used in transport. Well, some people thought that it can be used again. How? Read on to find out.

Container Housing


Well, the first thing smart men tried to come up with is to take old and used shipping container, renew it, and make a house out of it. This worked, actually, so today this is one of the purposes and examples how can you profit out of used items. Usually, these containers are cut down, and sold to the recycling companies. But, people saw its potential, mainly because of its sturdy construction and the ability to be stacked like Legos. This gave the possibility to have one house made from a container, or to think wider, and build an entire apartment complex. Saving is huge on this matter, for you don’t need bricks, cement etc., and in return you have done house.

Building is also quite easy, for few people with a crane can do all the work. There is no need to hire a contractor, and then to wait until is finished. The only minor setback is its isolation, for its sides are made from thick metal plates, and metal is rather conductor of heat, then isolator. This matter can be quickly solved, as the isolating material can be attached to its sides in several layers, and thus rendering it usable and habitable as well.

Containers Hotel


If you take a few of those containers and put them together, you’ve got an apartment complex. But, what if you take several dozens of such and stack them together? You’ve got yourself a hotel. Combine this with used oil rigs which had lost their purpose, and what did you got? A solution for overpopulating! This project is still in developing, but it is planned that about four thousands of oil rigs sitting in the Gulf of Mexico will be turned into hotel complexes. This shows us that people can find a way to have creative and useful items at the same time.

The compatibility is not an issue, for many of those rigs are in square form, so stacking up containers should be no fuss at all. Additionally, many of such are floating type of rigs, so it is possible to drag them near the shore, to make life easier for the tenants. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning, and the first thing you see is a sunrise over the horizon. I simply cannot wait to try this out!

Container Designs


No matter what we think about modern society, one thing is undisputable. Insatiable hunger to seek out and create beautiful things out of nothing. The main reason people are undertaking bringing to life this sort of art is its availability. About 900$ is the price of a used container, and along with tools for cutting, joining, welding and twisting, this comes out to a price of roughly 1.500$. Not too much for the monument of art, don’t you agree? And I think that’s the right expression. A monument. A true symbol of our modern age, due to its huge size, it is unable to be overlooked.

A reminder that we are living in an age where art can be forgotten easily, but it is everywhere around us. People from AllShelter told me recently that more and more often people ask for used containers, for those can be turned into museums as well. Clusters of modern art are set within and around these huge giants, and are gaining popularity by day. From Tokyo to Rotterdam, this kind of museum is unique, due to the fact that they represent states of the art which houses states of the art.

Container Coffee Shop

So, when everything said is taken into consideration, I think that we can conclude that old, used shipping containers can be battered, but not beaten. Even if they are served out, their purpose remains, to serve and be used.

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