A Step Towards Green Environment – Electric Car

The electric car is vehicle that uses electrical motors as well as motor controllers for powering itself, in place of the internal combustion engines which is used by typical petrol or diesel powered vehicles. The Electric cars require being re-charged for roughly every 150-250 miles; on the other hand this is the maximum life of these electric cars. They may be re-charged even at home by using the special devices or also at the charging stations of electric car that are getting deployed all across the country.

Electric car

At the same time as their acceptance has diverse over time, they even have in recent times started attaining popularity again. However, in April 2009, government of United Kingdom also announced the plans to offer the subsidy of about £5,000 to those people who purchase hybrid or electric cars.

Electric cars require to be regularly charged from time to time and the charging time vary according to the amount of power which is provided by the socket, however re-charge center is able to re-charge the battery of electric car in just an hours’ time.

These cars don’t emit carbon dioxide and so they are favorably used by the consumers who are environmentally friendly.

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