4 Ways to Make Machining Technology More Energy-Efficient

Many companies are being driven to change their processes to make them more energy efficient. This global push may be causing you to rethink how your business operates. Here are some ways that you can make machining technology more efficient.

Machining Technology - 4 Ways to Make Machining Technology More Energy-Efficient

Optimize Your Accessories

Select accessories and parts for your machines that are less wasteful. For example, if you use vacuum generators in your processing, consider switching them to ones that have an air saving function. This can reduce the amount of time that the vacuum is required to run. It can also make it quieter to operate the machinery. Another example is what can be seen in regenerative circuits. In some of these circuits, environmental controls are utilized to make them more energy efficient.

Install a Pressure Regulator

You don’t need to be running your machinery at maximum pressure all of the time. Having a pressure regulator can cut down on the amount of waste that is generated. Set your pressure regulator to the required amount of pressure to complete the task being performed. Some regulators can even work in reverse. This is another way that you can make your machinery more efficient. The excess air is returned to the system without having to run the compressor again.

Select the Right Lubricant

Having the right lubricant for the job can cut down on the amount of friction that is generated. This makes your machines more efficient during operation. Industrial cutting fluids are another way that you can reduce the friction of the machine. The less effort that it takes to create a product, the less amount of energy that’s consumed. You should also work to control leaks in the system. Wasting your lubricant will only cost you more money down the line.

Size Your Machines Appropriately

Size your machines for their intended use. It may be tempting to buy bigger machinery, but this is more wasteful than a smaller unit. The energy drain alone can make it a less energy efficient solution. Look at your processes when you’re selecting your machinery. Oversized isn’t the best option if you want to reduce waste. Make sure to perform the required maintenance on your machinery to keep it in peak operating condition. Change out O-rings and other parts that wear out regularly.

The key to becoming more energy efficient is to examine and audit your current processes. There may be something better on the market that can help you achieve your goal of being more energy efficient.


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