3 Wood-Splitting Tips

There is nothing quite like a warm fire during the colder temperatures. Gardens, like warm fires at home or while camping, also benefit from split wood. Splitting wood can be completed with a sharp ax or with a wood splitter canada. If you have bigger pieces or a larger load to split, you may consider going the mechanical route instead of manual. Those who are splitting wood for commercial purposes, for example, may benefit from a electric or gas firewood processor.

Firewood - 3 Wood-Splitting Tips

Here are three wood-splitting tips.

Start in the Summer

Whether you are splitting wood with a splitter or an ax, it is best to begin this task during the summer months. Wood that is meant to become firewood should be given enough time to dry. Freshly cut wood contains moisture and it can take up to six months to completely dry. You will know that the wood is ready for burning when it turns gray and cracks begin to appear along the edges. It will also be lighter to lift. Split and dry wood burns better than wood that is still in rounds. Since splitting wood is a labor-intensive chore, you want to give yourself enough time to build your supply without unnecessarily exhausting yourself.


Before you begin to build your firewood supply for the winter, ensure that you have enough space for the task. It is best to situate yourself away from others where you can confidently swing your ax or use your splitter. You will also want to measure the logs to a satisfactory length. If you are using a chopping block, check that it is low to the ground and does not come up higher than your knees.


When you split wood, you are highly advised to be mindful of your technique. If you use an ax, keep both hands firmly on the handle and keep a safe distance from the chopping block. Before you swing, you should be aiming for the center of wood and trying to split along the grain. Always wear protective gear so that flying debris does not hit your eyes, face or other exposed parts of your body.

Once you wood is split, store it so it is exposed to air and sunlight, but away from moisture. To split the wood, start in the summer, ensure you have enough space and be mindful of your technique.

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