100 Percent Renewable Energy? 100 Percent Possible!

Mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels has taken a toll on the environment. This has been very well documented over the years. That dependence has also gotten to the point wherein it has started affecting the economy, thus, affecting everyone on a more home-based level.

Renewable Energy
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At no other time is it more prudent to take up renewable energy, then, than now. Switching to renewable energy would lead to unbelievable savings as well as a positive rearrangement of the way the world currently works. Renewable energy is the way of the future, and these days, in a time when we’re able to communicate with other people in seconds even if that person is halfway around the world, renewable energy is 100 percent possible.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most obvious source for renewable energy, mostly because it doesn’t seem that the sun is going to go anywhere. It’s time that man tried to harness the power of the sun. Solar panel technology has allowed several industries to use solar power for domestic and industrial applications. When it comes to types of renewable energy available, solar power is perhaps the most attainable and one of the most abundant we have.

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy, also known as bioenergy, is energy that comes from organic matter, like wood, plants, organic waste, and the like. From bioenergy, we can get biofuels and biopower, given that reliable energy sources such as organic waste is always accessible. This helps the environment in two ways: organic waste would be put t good use and it’s a more environmentally sound option for an energy source.

Geothermal Energy

From things in the sky and on the ground, we’ve geothermal energy, where we harness internal heat from the Earth as an energy source. Like other options for renewable energy, geothermal energy is clean and sustainable. By drilling down the Earth to use the high amount of heat generated from the core, we could produce electricity and even use it as a means to control temperatures within buildings.

Ocean Energy

An often overlooked option when discussing renewable energy is the ocean. The ocean can provide mankind with two types of energy: mechanical and thermal. Mechanical energy pertains to the power the moon’s gravitational pull gives that makes tides happen. This is actually already used through dams and floats, using the tides to create electricity. The ocean’s thermal energy, on the other hand, comes from the trapped heat in the ocean that came from the sun. It’s said that if we’re able to harness that trapped heat, then we can actually power the world.

Now, we can plainly see that relying on a completely renewable energy source isn’t just possible, but it’s already being done to some extent and there are more than one energy source to choose from. Why the dependence on fossil fuels still? There are several reasons.

It’s conceivable that switching to renewable energy sources might cause a temporary collapse or restructure in the world’s economic landscape. This is something that we, as a species, may not be prepared for at this moment. We had only begun to recover from the recession, and while things are on an upswing, a change this radical may be unwise. Aside from that, there are political and social reasons as well.

However, knowing that this is an option that’s available to us is a promising omen. It means that once the time is right, human beings are equipped to move on from traditional energy sources and opt for renewable ones that wouldn’t be detrimental to our existence as a species.

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